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Connectify Pro Certainly many who know with this software, software that works for you to share Internet Connection using a Wifi Hotspot. This software is recommended for users of Laptop / Netbook / Notebook, for those who use the PC Desktop, must have Wifi, because otherwise there would be in Wifi ga Share internet. This software is tested on Windows 7 Ultimate x86 Laptop with ASUS X44H by dytoshare.

How to Share Intenet Connection?
  1. Make sure Wifi switched on
  2. Create Hotspot Name
  3. Create Password (If you do not want membagian Internet to the Public)
  4. Select the Internet where you want to share.
    Select Automatic if you do not understand
  5. In the Advance Settings
    You can with the Internet Sharing and Wifi LAN (Tested on Wifi)
  6. Sharing Mode select as needed
  7. Check the Allow Internet Access
    Allow Local Access Network
  8. Start Hotspot
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Download Connectify Pro Full Version incl.Keygen
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