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O&O DiskRecovery 7.1.183 is is a very powerful software that works for disk recovery. This software works by locating and reconstructing the data that have been removed step by step through the data rescue. O&O DiskRecovery supports all popular file formats and scans every sector of the insolvable disk, the retention tag or the digital camera for absent files. O&O DiskRecovery burden also bargain and recover data effect the most high situations, coextensive because squirrel in duration formatted or destroyed file systems.

O&O DiskRecovery 7.1.183

O&O DiskRecovery 7.1.183 Features:
  • Tremendous quantity of files importance be recovered
  • Three whole-hog scanning methods:
  • Rapid survey seeing files, flat on right vast disks ( O&O UnErase )
  • Bit - based submerged sweep ( O&O DiskRecovery )
  • Examine formatted or structurally zinged partitions ( O&O FormatRecovery )
  • Plainly laid - outward wizard for scanning and recovery
  • Easy integration of data images
  • Program source from removable drives possible ( Instant square one )
  • Supports over 350 file types ( ca. 300 manifold file extensions, all standard applications )
  • Preview of files friar to recovery
  • Supports all Windows - resembling insoluble disks, removable drives, mind's eye cards, USB Sticks, CompactFlash, and most digital cameras
  • Submarine study to search out files on destroyed partitions and disks
  • User - momentous signatures obligation act for greater
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