Download Temp File Cleaner 3.1.1 Free

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Temp File Cleaner 3.1.1 is available free of charge for personal use. It uses a combination of system environment variables and known directory structures to dynamically locate files that are known to be temporary. It is not uncommon for Windows drives to build up gigabytes of clutter over time, left behind by web browsers and various applications.

Temp File Cleaner 3.1.1

Temp File Cleaner 3.1.1 Features:
  • Scans all accessible user accounts
  • Deletes temporary internet files
  • Deletes cookies
  • Deletes browser history
  • Deletes recent files
  • Deletes windows temp folders
  • Deletes windows prefetch
  • Deletes windows update uninstall files
  • Empty Recycle Bin
  • Individual selection of scan areas
  • Process is not stopped by locked files
  • Counters total up # of files deleted and space freed
  • Full list of deleted files
Download : Temp File Cleaner 3.1.1

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