USB Port Locked 2.0 Free

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USB Port Locked 2 is a lightweight utility that will help you lock all existing USB ports on your computer. This application is very useful if you want restrict the use of USB ports on your computer for security reasons.

USB Port Locked 2.0

USB Port Locked 2.0 New Features :
  • NEW! System Tray Icon. Now USB Port Locked already be hiding in the
  • Tray Icon
  • NEW! Tools viewing process. You can use this tool to see what processes
  • are running on your Windows
  • REPAIR! Improved locking USB port. Now you can lock the USB port is for
  • sure locked.
USB Port Locked 2.0 Key features :
  • Lock the USB port quickly and all USB ports are locked in a flash
  • Very mild, with a size of 200 KB (compressed) or 1.2 MB (extracted)
  • Portable. You do not need to install this application if you want to use it on another computer
  • Easy to use. Very easy to use this application without requiring
  • any expertise
  • Free. Smoking in use by anyone, anytime. you can free download USB Port Locked 2.0 now.
Download : USB Port Locked 2.0 Free

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